my big brother

I got to visit my brother in Orlando on his first full day home with his baby boy, who only learned to start walking the week before. It also my first time alone with the two of them and just found every single moment extremely special. That pout and dimples that look just like baby Ryan, but in a whole new human with his own unique personality which we can already see so clearly. Can't wait to get to know this kid as he grows :)


Black Mountain

Last week, David and I were able to steal away and have our first proper vacation in a year. It was also David's first time being out of the state of NY since we moved here 2 years ago!! Man was this a much needed trip. 

David's whole extended family got together and planned this trip to Black Mountain, North Carolina. There were 18 of us under one roof, talking and laughing and swimming and cooking and drinking and rocking in those chairs on the front lawn long after the sun set and the stars came out. I got to watch home videos of David as a baby in Japan and his parent's wedding in Louisiana. It was pretty magical. 

What an incredibly relaxing trip. It felt so good to stand in sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains and just take a deeeeep breath. We got to swim for the first time in TWO YEARS, which is just crazy to me. It was also just really special getting to know David's family better. I don't have a very big family myself, so I cherish the times that I get to experience his. They are lovely, lovely people. 

Now, back to the New York City grind---a little more relaxed and refreshed and ready to conquer all our goals :)

from winter

When I was in Florida last weekend, my cousin shared some photos he took when he was visiting us this past winter! I had never seen most of them before and a couple below instantly became so special to me.

Steven is a great photographer and every time we see each other we spend a while nerding out about photo and video equipment. I don't have many people in my life who are passionate about photography the way I am, so I definitely take advantage of those times with him. And he's just one of my best friends. 

Spring in Manhattan

One rainy day by myself, I decided to aimlessly walk around Manhattan. I had nothing to do and nowhere to be, and all I knew was that I wanted to see the flowers beginning to bloom around the city, before it was too late.

I think what I wanted to convey in this video, was the feeling that I was having about time passing and having no control over it. Another year has gone. Another spring is here. And for the first time in my life I think, I wasn't really excited to see flowers blooming, because that meant more time was slipping by and I didn't feel prepared to face it. So this day was me facing it. Embracing the inevitable. Realizing that time passing is no reason to fear, but reason to embrace the present. 


After about 4 years without using my Canon t50 film camera, I was recently able to take some shots around the city and get them developed. I forgot how incredibly fun it is to click a shutter and hear the exposure and to not be able to review the photo right away---to really focus on what you're capturing because the shots are finite. Being mindful about small moments is a special sort of magic.

I love the muted tones, the pinkish discoloration on the edges, the massive amount of grain, and the faded shadows. I love every imperfection in these photos so much. I'm so excited to play with my film baby more, because NYC looks reallll good like this.

Angel's Tunnel Ceremony

Ashley and Leon, a young couple from Australia, came to New York City to fulfill their dream and get married in Central Park. Just the two of them, so lovely and so in love. I became very fond of them and had the best time filming their day. 

It was rainy and cold, but totally magical. The cherry blossoms were freshly bloomed, and it felt like we had the city all to ourselves. Central Park, normally crawling with people, was mostly empty. It was so surreal and beautiful.

Thanks so much Ashley and Leon!

April Fools Love

I recently shot my first ceremony with a photographer-owned elopement company called NY Dream Weddings on April Fools Day. And well, it was nothing short of what the name suggests. Dream wedding, dream job. Thanks Ed and Bailey for letting me be a part of your special day!

women's march nyc

I was standing in the middle of 3rd ave by myself. The march started on 2nd ave, cut over on 42nd street and went up 5th to Trump Tower. So 3rd was cut off from traffic and was relatively empty for a Saturday afternoon in NYC... except for others like me who took advantage of the surreal opportunity to walk right down the middle of Manhattan without the threat of oncoming, anything, really. 

An old black woman appeared next to me and said, "Did we really do it? Did we shut down New York City?!" She gave me the most beautiful smile and a high five. The she teared up and said softly, "I have never seen anything like this in all my life."

I tried to imagine for a moment what she'd seen in her life. We turned and looked down the wide open avenue and cried together. It was maybe one of the best moments of my life. #thankstrump

Thank you @womensmarch for organizing the largest protest in US history. Thank you to the 400,000 people who marched in NYC on Saturday, and the 3 million around the country, and however many around the world. To the women of all ages, colors, and creeds whose power and grace has inspired me beyond measure. To the fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons who chanted "Her body, her choice" and marched for their moms fighting breast cancer. To the women who made pussy hats and carried their babies. To the men who made signs opposing inequaltiy and fascism. To the little girls with their fists in the air and the little boys who already treat others as equals and to the parents who brought them along. To the old women in wheel chairs and the old men in pink fedoras. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are living in an incredible time. We have the opportunity to take part in movements like these, that spread love, hope, and solidarity around the world. Now let's keep marching, keep talking, keep planning, and effecting change. Because some things have to break to be put back together the right way.