folding down the corner, to keep my place

today, i caved. the age of the e-reader showed up on my door step and asked me to sign (dad sent me a Kindle as an early birthday present). and i'm torn (literarily)- the Kindle is slick and convenient, but isn't that exactly what's wrong with our country? that insatiable desire for convenience now keeps Americans from conversing in person and cooking real food and voting for what's right and even walking five parking spaces further. sure it'd be nice to have less weight in my suitcase since i move/travel so much, but are we completely robbing book selling of its charm? will bookstores soon become obsolete, like blockbuster (not that blockbuster was ever charming)? how can we sit amongst stacks of broken bindings or smell the pages or write in the margins or accidentally drop a new book into a full bathtub in Paris if it's all electronic? okay, the Kindle addresses the issue of bookmarking and note taking beautifully, but the water issue would be a bit greater for an e-reader. ughh, as i sit here staring up at my bookshelf with the Kindle at my side, i feel like i'm five years old again, guilty about enjoying a shiny new toy because my old, worn toys mean so much to me  = (