dead car for cutie

i often find myself getting a bit nostalgic about my first car, Sady. but on this particular day, i would give almost anything to have that 1982 240D Mercedes back.

that old girl had a horn like a freight train, but a speedometer that topped out at 85 (though, i somehow managed to get pulled over going 86, racing my best friend on international speedway in daytona).

Sady made some boys at my highschool drool with her perfect body and matching hub caps. she was always a bit slow to accelerate and she leaked oil every now and then, but she was original and i treasured her for that.

when she failed me freshman year of college, i switched to a 2002 toyota corolla. sure, it's almost impossible to distinguish my white four-door from all the others in the Publix parking lot, but she's been a great car, so i can't complain.

except now, Lola the Corolla is sitting dead in my driveway. i'll get her a new battery later this afternoon, but until then, i get to ride the fsu bus to campus. around thanksgiving time i was cursing florida for being so warm, but today i could not be more thankful for this tallahassee climate. it's sure to be a beautiful walk.

perhaps it's a good thing that Lola is resting for the day. one of the things i miss most about living in London is not needing a vehicle to get anywhere. walking down those high energy cobblestone streets was exhilarating and allowed me to notice all of the pretty little things along the way. here, i often stop at a light and look around just in time to see a whole building i'd never noticed before (in my 2 1/2 years of living in this town).

cheers to noticing many more old/new things to and from my bus stops today!

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