i just checked my grades and found out i did much better than expected! being reassured that i can get by without trying is nottt helpful, but i'm very grateful at the moment. this means i will be graduating this spring!!

the past couple days have been very relaxing here in ohio. today, my mom and i did a little shopping. we watched the mall santa and shamelessly giggled about the irony of poor little babies crying on his lap. we also had a good laugh at a group of five boys nervously digging through panties in victoria's secret. one was shopping for his girlfriend and couldn't decide which size to get her. he probably should have stuck with fragrance.

yesterday, as another christmas present, mom ordered me an in-home massage and it was glorious.

but the whole time, i couldn't help thinking about Peter and his poor feet. the past four days, he and some friends from Young Life participated in a walk across the state of Florida in memory of our friend, Grant Lockenbach. my thoughts and prayers go out to those who walked! i'm so proud of my boy for walking so far!