home is a fire

i'm sitting in the Philadelphia Airport right now trying to occupy my mind because i am so excited! Peter has been in Philadelphia visiting family and is now on a train to meet me so that we can fly back to Orlando together! i appreciate the time i spent in Vegas, but i was ready to leave the smog and the noise for the comfort of my boy.

so while i wait, i'll recap a little bit of my trip:

the first couple nights i slept on an air mattress in the living room because my Aunt Patty was visiting from Mexico. when she left, i got to stay in this sweet crib. this was my room when i was a kid, and has now been passed onto my niece, Angelique. when she took over, she had the walls painted a blinding shade of pink, which i think she's now outgrown. she hasn't, however, outgrown the biebs. her fever is still quite high, and she's lined almost every inch of her walls with his fem face (perhaps a protest to the pink). she also has pictures of all the disney stars (selena, demi, bella), all of whom i actually watch and adore. yep, i'm still 5 at heart.

she's perhaps the smartest little 11-year-old around and i'm extremely proud of her. she's also funny and sarcastic, which i adore. not many young ones have as many witty comebacks as this kid. she's also really pretty, especially when she's trying to hide a smile, like in the picture below :)

but i think she's prettiest when she's laughing with her little brother, Kayden.

he's pretty cute too.

i think he's cutest when he's trying to get away with doing something that he knows he's not supposed to be doing, like peaking at christmas presents and flicking tree ornaments :)

i also loveee the time i got to spend with my dad. he's sort of a badass.

i love him, and the fact that he wears that Beatles shirt i got him when i was abroad in Liverpool every time i come to visit. i don't think it's possible for there to be a more caring or loving father.

we toured the strip a bit to do some shopping, and to show ryan's girlfriend some of the sights. These are a few pictures i took with the minnie diana camera i won from urban outfitters.

but perhaps my favorite night on the strip this trip was the night i went out to celebrate my friend Teresa's 21st birthday. she rented a regular room at Planet Hollywood, but after standing in the check in line for an hour, we got upgraded to an unbelievable two bedroom panorama suite with a view for free!

you better believe we opened the double doors to the suite and ran in screaming in disbelief, just like in the movies. yes, we even jumped on the beds. both of them. multiple times. 

we also filmed our own version of mtv cribs, which teresa pulled off perfectly with all those cliche lines used in the show.

overall, Vegas was pretty good to me this trip.