flying free

i love

my mom's beautiful house in ohio

cooking warm breakfast when it's cold out

watching christmas movies as it snows outside

riding around fancy neighborhoods to see christmas lights

having long conversations at starbucks

the way my hair smells when i use bert's bees shampoo

michael buble and his cutesy christmas special

and the prospect of seeing people i love in las vegas tomorrow morning! i do not love packing.

or the fact that i could get stuck in the charlotte airport for a very long time tomorrow.

i'll be leaving ohio at 5:20 am, arriving in charlotte for a layover at 7 am, and if i don't get a spot on the flight to vegas at 7:50 am, i'll have to hang out in the airport for 9 hours until the next open flight. 

i am so lucky to fly non-revenue with my dad's benefits, but standby can be pretty stressful.

everyone please cross your fingers that i catch this early flight, or else i'm in danger of reading a lot more than i did in school last semester, making random friends throughout the airport, and spending lots of money on beer at the World Traveler Bar in terminal A. 

off to finish packing! 


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