the long flight back to vegas skies

so mayyybe i didn't pack when i was supposed to last night...

maybe i stayed up until 1 am playing on the internet instead.

and then maybe i intended on packing at 1:30 am, but got distracted and played with my cameras and took pictures for a while.

maybe, when it came time to actually face my suitcase, i only neatly folded half of my clothes before getting bored and shoving the remaining half wherever it would fit.

and maybe, by the time i was done packing, i only had an hour left before my alarm would go off to wake up, so i made paper snowflakes for my mom instead.

well i feel really silly now. i'm exhausted but refuse to crash, despite my dad's continuous offers for time to rest, because i've just gotten to vegas. the day has just begun here.  what a stubborn girl i am. i'll use this as an excuse to drink lots of delicious coffee all day (i already had an eggnog latte in charlotte).

as for flights, i got extremely lucky. i caught my connecting flight from charlotte to vegas and even got upgraded to first class for free!  it had nothing to do with my charm and everything to do with the exasperated agent who didn't have time to sell me an upgrade, so he just gave it to me.

and now i get to play with this cute face all day :)