tiresome paper dreams

so my second to last semester of college is finallyyy over!! i could not be more relieved to have this 2 week break from school and 3 week break from work. it seems the closer i get to graduating, the harder it is to stay motivated. the tragic truth that my degree could easily amount to nothing doesn't help in this last stretch... although, i sort of went into it accepting that chance.

what really haunts me the most are my memories of living in London. as much as i cherished the experience, i think it jaded me a bit. directly following my semester abroad, i had a 3.85 gpa. in the three semesters since then, it's taken a bit of a nose dive. something about having my eyes opened to so many other possibilities prompted an overwhelming dissatisfaction with what i started here.

regardless, my investment is too great to not finish, so that is what i will do. and i will be that much happier when i do it.

last tuesday night, i finished my last exam and drove straight to gainesville to see peter. i still had one final paper that i hadn't written, but it wasn't due online until friday at 5, so i figured an early departure from tally would be okay. of course, the finals week stress still followed me. i had a 2 hour car ride to sing/scream adele's "someone like you" every time it came on the radio (at least 5 times) at the top of my lungs, which was oddly therapeutic (and hilarious). i highly recommend it, next time you're alone in a car and don't mind what people in the lanes next to you see.

peter and i hung out in gainesville for a day and then went to Deland together to celebrate his 22nd birthday! it was so much fun seeing people i adore and hadn't seen in a while. some things never change. it felt a lot like an almost 4 year high school reunion... which makes me feel really old.

the next morning i caught a flight to charlotte, where i was delayed for a few hours before my connecting flight to ohio. i used that time to focus on my paper, which i didn't end up finishing until after i landed in ohio. my chronic procrastination is getting worse! i got distracted by the friends i made on the plane, one of which was a very flirtatious baby boy.

now i'm in ohio with my mom, having a lovely time! as an early christmas gift, she gave me the canon T50 film camera that toney bought in the 80's. he used it to take the picture of himself in my last post.

i've been playing with it nonstop and have fallen in love with the grainy, vintage looking pictures it produces. i took a whole roll yesterday, just so i could develop it and see the results. if i don't learn some patience soon, i'll be spending all my tips on 35 mm. here's one i took yesterday in my mom's front yard.

i also spent the day marveling at how pretty and dainty snowflakes look when they float in the wind. i was so lucky to arrive just in time for the first real snowfall of winter. i hope it sticks around until i leave for vegas on tuesday!