lo, how a rose e'er blooming

today, i revived Lola the Corolla back to life!

i now know how simple it is to replace a car battery! of course i called my brother, my boyfriend, my roommates dad, and consulted a "how to" youtube video before even popping the hood, because peering into the greasy abyss of an engine is usually pretty intimidating for a girl. conquering that brought a great sense of accomplishment for me.

amber, being the wonderful roommate that she always is, took me to wal-mart to buy the battery and wrench that her dad said we'd need. it was really amusing to see the looks on the faces of the guys in the automotive center when we said we were going to do it ourselves. honestly, i don't know why they were so surprised. we're living in an age where a simple google search could instruct anyone to do almost anything.

but of course, i happened to buy the wrong wrench. i consulted the help of my friend zach and his shiny toolkit to loosen the bolts. within no time, she was up and running!

it's a beautiful thing, figuring out a piece of machinery... i always respected my mom's late fiance, who built and sold antique motorcycles for a living. it's easy to see how transforming boxes full of metal, bolts, and pipes into a functioning mode of transportation could be such a rewarding career.

we are missing you constantly, toney!

toney was also a great cook, and would've been really proud of the homemade turkey gravy i made for thanksgiving this year (thanks again, google). i also contributed a real dish of my own for the first time. i made stuffing with chopped mushrooms and broccoli, and it was delicious. 

for a girl who is skilled in neither cars or kitchens, these past couple weeks have brought a couple very proud moments. i bought my first tool and cooked my first dish, and neither experience resulted in smoke. :) 

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