so this is the new year

happy 2012!

when the clock strikes 12 at the midnight of a new year, some people assume some sort of miracle occurs. but in reality, it's just a number. just another minute. no sudden tangible happiness radiates from your television's live transmission of time square for you to keep. no magic emits from the tip of your sparkler to transform you like fairy dust on a disney princess. and no wealth will actually materialize just from forcing yourself to eat that heap of cabbage. but regardless of those dim realities, i believe new year's eve to be the most romantic night of the year, because it represents hope. hope that this silly little digit change could symbolize a greater change in our lives. hope that our new, unmarked calendars could soon be filled with resolutions and things to look forward to, rather than regret. this time of year, though superficial to some, is most important to me, if only to inspire hope. whether it's in the form of serious resolutions or some wimpy little list that gets discarded by february. at least it's a start, for progress in the year to come. here's mine.

1. somehow survive/pass the six classes i'll be taking this spring semester
2. graduate from FSU in April with a bachelors in creative writing (see #1)
3. drink more water (and take my vitamins everyday!)
4. be more frugal (cut down on chai tea lattes) to save money for travel*
5. make more time to see Peter, instead of working every weekend
6. somehow comply with #1, #4 and #5 simultaneously (might have to consult a magician)
7. start doing yoga and kickboxing classes again (i'll need the stress relief)
8. have more picnics, pick more flowers, make more forts, and cook more organic food
9. take more pictures (with my iphone, canon t50, diana, and the canon t2i i'm getting for graduation!)
10. spend summer, fall, & winter traveling the world *with the love of my life*

i have a feeling 2012 is going to be the best year of my life... and i promise i don't say that every year. this year, my life will transform. i've looked forward to graduating and traveling for so long now. its hard to believe its right around the corner.