so far this year

i'm happy.
it might be silly, but the idea of a new year has rejuvenated me. more than usual, i think.
this time last year, i was lost and frustrated. and homeless, too (just moving back from london).
this year, i have so much to look forward to. i drove into tallahassee and everything was so pretty to me. the winding roads were empty and smooth. the trees made a canopy over the road home.
i have a home. and four pretty roommates who were really excited to see me. so excited that i thought it was unusual, until i realized they thought i might never come back, after my woes last semester. 
but don't worry roomies, i was only joking about giving up on school. kind of... but i won't.
this year, i'm excited to start classes, because then i'll be that much closer to finishing. 
i also promise to try and enjoy them, no matter how much i resent them for stressing me out.
this year, i'm actually going to fulfill my resolutions (they're all realistic this time).
although... i wasn't too frugal today. i was in a good mood and bought two pairs of shoes. and lipgloss.
at least i took my vitamins.

this year, i'm more in love than ever.
this cute boy of mine likes to be sneaky and set up candlelit dinners.
i was in the other room oblivious, laughing at the baby videos my dad copied for me,
so i was super surprised and thankful for this sweet, romantic gesture.
he's smart, funny, handsome, and he can cook?
how did i get so lucky?

p.s. to peter,
sorry again for constantly making you pause your cool action movie just so i could show you funny things i did when i was a baby, like... twirl and laugh. i love you and your patience :)