i can tap dance. wanna see me tap dance?

the first of the last of the best are finally heeeere! 
i officially endured my last first week of college. this semester is sure to be the most intense yet.
my london semester was pretty insane, what with all the trips and shows and walking tours,
but this semester won't leave me much time to sleep, let alone have lazy tea days or strolls in tavistock.
ahh, i think london downtime was the best downtime of all time. 
ugh, reminiscing makes me sad. moving on.

this is what my life looks like at the moment:
on top of that, i'll be taking kickboxing classes tuesday and thursday from 5:30-6:30pm
and working every friday, saturday, and sunday night from at least 8pm-3am
so, dear roomies/friends/boyfriend/mom, 
if i ever act like a monster these next four months, 
this is why and i apologize ahead of time.
just kindly slap me and remind me it's almost over :)

truthfully though, i am excited about all of these classes. 
because i have a secret interest in script writing and making documentaries, i decided it'd be cool to minor in film studies. four of the classes i'm taking this semester work toward my minor. 
my other two classes are supposed to focus more on english (one is an advanced writing workshop and one is a literature class), but both kind of decided to ditch their titles and focus more on film, too.
i think that's a lovely coincidence. 
so in my writing class i get to write drafts of movie scripts, and in my lit class, i get to learn about pop culture via film, tv, and digital media. meaning i get to read articles about culture and watch cool documentaries, which is what i spend lots of my time doing anyway. 

so this time, i'm happy to greet a new semester

here's to hoping it doesn't swallow me whole.