look what i can do!

considering that my weekly routine consists of classes of some sort all day/night throughout the week, work every weekend, slices of social interactions with friends, and a boyfriend who gets cranky if he doesn't see me, it's no surprise that cooking has never had a place in my life. this may also have something to do with the fact that my mom isn't very skilled in the kitchen either. my big brother and i may have been fed plain baked chicken and white rice for the majority of our younger years (mom, if you're reading this, it was delicious).
but that's no excuse! despite some time constraints, i have all the tools i need to make a real meal. no more coyly claiming "i'm a terrible cook" just because i haven't tried. okay, i've sort of tried a couple times and i have been known to set off a smoke detector or two...
well, i promised i would really start cooking, so last night after kickboxing, i made my very first (pinterest inspired) meal! i found a recipe for stuffed bell peppers, which i modified a bit. here's my version:

cut the tops of the bell peppers off. take the stems and seeds out and throw them away. keep the remainder of the tops to the side (you'll be chopping them up and adding them to the stuffing).

start cooking a cup of medium grained brown rice

chop up the tops of the bell peppers. also chop up mushrooms. 
the original recipe called for onions, but i hate onions and looove mushrooms. 

sauté the two together for 3 minutes. then set them to the side.

time to saute your meat! the original recipe had some sort of sausage,
but we happened to have deer meet in the freezer so this was a good time to use it.
saute the meat until it is brown, breaking apart the pieces as you stir.

add the pepper and mushrooms back in and saute for a few minutes.

by this time, your rice should be done. add the rice into the mixture.
after this has warmed for a couple minutes, it's time to stuff the peppers.

after you stuff them to the brim, top them with cheese of your choice.
i added mozzarella and pepper jack cheese :)

put your cheese topped bell peppers in the oven at 375 for about 20 minutes.


a beautiful and delicious meal!

i can't believe i made these bad boys all by myself! who knew that doing something domestic by cooking a yummy meal for my roomies could make me feel so happy and accomplished? i'm a little embarrassed to say i was pretty giddy when i pulled them out of the oven... who am i?
needless to say i'll be taking on many more recipes in the months to come. having healthy leftovers at home definitely beats spending a small fortune at starbucks or microwaving smartones meals twice a day.

p.s. did i mention that almost this entire meal was organic? :)