bar life

life is strange when you constantly go to bed at 6 am and wake up to make breakfast at 2 pm. 

but that's pretty standard when you work in a big sports bar, i think. because after everyone leaves and the mugs are cleaned and the ashes swept, it's almost necessary to wind down with a shift beer. and maybe an occasional 4 am trip to IHOP with coworkers.
so by the time i'm home and full of omelette, the sun begins to peek through my blinds.

luckily, i only work on the weekends, so i get to see daylight throughout the week :)
and after tonight's shift, i get two weeks off of work for spring break! hooray!
and then (after a hellish midterm week), i get to soak up the sun at a beach house!
and then, if i'm really lucky and the spring break gods answer my prayers,
i get to go to Denver to see cousin Steven!!

but for now, i get to serve beer and liquor for the next 7 hours.

which i don't mind, because i like the people i get to do it with :)

wishing you a fun sunday!