i think i can, i think i can, i think i can

It's currently the second most gruesome week of any semester...
one which requires many consecutive delirious nights atop a mountain of books so high that only a fortune in skinny vanilla lattes could help me reach it...
dreaded midterm week.

luckily it's the very last midterm week i'll ever have to endure.

in the past two days, i've gotten roughly 7 hours of sleep... wait, is that right?
i'm not sure, i'm delirious.

so far this week, i have:
taken two big exams, both of which required an absurd amount of reading and studying.
structured a discussion that i had to lead in class, about french new wave.
written over 12 pages of journal entries.

i have yet to:
write two 3 page papers on pop culture.
write two 3 page papers on film culture.
write a response to a reading (that i have not read).
create an online presentation (which i have not started).

so, i think i'm half way there... on hump day. how fitting!
it's also leap day, i hear.
so happy leap and hump day!