oh hay, ombre

last friday i went to aveda to visit one of my very favorite pockets girls, miss Melanie Cagle. she's been in school at aveda since august and she is seriously good at what she does.

my hair has been so long and heavy lately that my head and neck get tired just flipping it around. so i asked dear Melanie to take a few inches off the bottom and ad a few layers starting below the shoulder.

but what i was really excited about was the ombre i've been contemplating getting since last summer. when i got my hair cut in september, my hairdresser was amazed at how light the ends of my hair were from being in the sun. a natural ombre of sorts. so i decided to encourage the natural process and get a really subtle copper color put in.


(haha, looking like a frizzy tinfoil monster)


it's perfect.
she could not have done a better job. the color is exactly what i wanted. 
i was so nervous going in, because some ombres i've seen just look plain silly. 
cough, ashley simpson...
so i desperately wanted it to look subtle and natural. 

new hair was the perfect end to a perfect week. :)