guilty and gotye

...of asking amber if we were allowed to get a blood refund. i haven't felt the same without that pint.
...of skipping kickboxing class last night and pretending like it was doctor's orders, although the blood bus people only told me not to work out tuesday.
...of eating half a box of milano cookies in one sitting while watching eleven-year-old kirstin dunst kiss brad pitt. life is so unfair sometimes.
...of making fun of luna's haircut yesterday. i laughed out loud in class when amber texted this to me.
...of skipping three too many classes this week. and not feeling guilty as i cuddled in bed instead.
...of opting not to write papers when i got home from school, and instead going out on a dinner date with sarah... which then turned into a 3 hour intellectual convo/life advice sesh.
...of watching the graduate for the very first time last night and absolutely LOVING every minute of it.
...of also watching SEVEN marilyn monroe films in the past two months. i had to watch some like it hot for film class, and now i'm sort of hooked. it's hard to stop when most of her films are on netflix.
...of buying red lipstick and wishing i could pull it off like all of those beautiful hollywood actresses.
photo via pinterest
...of refusing to watch my week with marilyn because i just don't see that spark in michelle williams.
...of replaying this song 7 thousand times last week.
and loving it every time.