the little college girl that could

i almost let last week defeat me.

it took all my strength to keep from throwing my hands in the air and saying i quit. who needs a high g.p.a anyway? what will it matter if i don't do the project? i can survive without a good grade in history of motion picture class. the grades i get do not define me!

but whether i can or not, and whether they do or not, is not the point. the lesson lies in the act of completing and not quitting. so i mustered up the energy for one last push up the monstrous hill that is midterm week.

and i finished, at midnight on sunday.

and i have been coasting ever since.

mom flew down to daytona because she's a free bird, and sometimes she misses the beaches she grew up on. so i drove to meet her, only slightly bribed by the promise of a new floppy hat. and of course, the embrace of a momma bear hug.

we blasted classic rock with the windows down along the coast to ponce inlet. we had a couple brews on the deck of ocean deck, and reminisced about how it used to be. i spent a day in panera, and she patiently waited while i finished my last project. we went to the movies for a little chick flick. (i'd choose tom hardy we went shopping at millenia and ate organic salads outside. we watched skydivers float through blue skies.

dear momma, thank you for the floppy hat you promised. and for the two new tires you didn't promise, but gave me anyway, because i'm too stubborn to take care of myself sometimes. thank you for filling my gas tank, twice. but most of all, thank you for putting up with me and my spastic behavior, which is melodramatic in the face of a looming obstacle, and overly ecstatic in the face of... well, anything pretty or fluffy or exciting. i love you.