more from denver

i flew into Denver on Tuesday morning.

Steven picked me up from the airport, took me back to his apartment for a delicious dose of coffee, and then we embarked on a 4 hour walk around the beautiful city.

it was an unusually warm and sunny day. steven said that a couple days prior, it had been snowing. i wouldn't have believed him if it weren't for the delicate little corners of ice still remaining near the curbs of his street, soon to be melted away by the 72 degree heat. 

we walked all the way down the 16th street mall, past the train station, and over the bridge of this charming little river, where beginning kayakers were learning on the modest rapids.

on the stairs over there, in the upper left of the picture above, eccentric looking hippies danced to music, played instruments and bathed in the sunshine. colorado really comes alive in sunshine.

and then we came home to this sweet little disco ball. yes, his name is disco. he's adorable.

i napped with disco on the couch to the sound of soft indie music.

steven woke me up just before sunset so we could watch it from his rooftop.

that night, we drank red wine, ate chinese take out, and watched funny movies. 

the next morning, steven and i drank lots of sweet coffee and hung out in his beautiful studio apartment, as the temperature outside had dropped to a bone chilling 28 degrees. maybe that's not so chilling to denver bones, but it's certainly icy to these florida natives. 

in the afternoon, while steven was at work, i mustered up the courage to go out for a walk to 16th. i couldn't very well pass up the chance to eat in a cafe and shop in Denver's new two-story H&M. and steven met me there, as soon as he was done being a cool graphic designer for the day :)

another night was spent drinking red wine, eating delicious food (steven's boyfriend is an amazing cook!), and watching fun movies. a perfectly relaxing two-day stay in a city that i love. :)