a pint lighter

the blood bus was on campus on tuesday!
every time i see it, i wish i could stop and donate, but i'm always late to class as it is.
luckily, our media techniques class was cancelled that day. so amber and i got starbucks coffee, perched ourselves on Landis, and enjoyed the beautiful day while we mustered up the courage to give blood.

well, originally, i was going to give blood and she was going to watch (she hates needles).
but when we got on the bus, the blood takers made it pretty hard to say no... how vampire-like of them.

sooo she did it! i'm so proud of amber for conquering one of her biggest fears!
and she maybe probably helped save a life in the process.
although i think she was more excited about the free t-shirt.
and after we were a pint lighter and a bit very lightheaded, we went to chipotle to replenish some of that iron we just gave away. but we felt delirious and funny for the rest of the night. so we stayed at home, ate chocolate, and watched interview with a vampire, in honor of blood loss.

and honestly, it made us feel better...
pic via pinterest
we decided we wouldn't mind draining our bodies dry, if this was the guy doing it.

and later, i painted my nails, to fit the theme :)

and then went to bed, listening to this.
because it was appropriate.
and because i go to bed to bon iver every night anyway :)