spring breaks with cousin steven

so i happen to have the coolest cousin in existence. 

steven is a 23-year-old graphic designer now living in Denver, Colorado.

he's probably my closest family member (besides you, mom), and one of my favorite friends.

steven has been the most consistent presence throughout my life. when we were little, we made elaborate forts out of sheets draped over couches and coffee tables, and slept in them. when we were really little, he played barbies with me all the time. when we were kids, we ran through woods and pastures making bizarre movies with a video camera that we probably shouldn't have been allowed to play with. when we were teens, he taught me how to drive (and immediately forgave me when i crashed his car the day of my driving test). he shaped my musical taste, constantly sending me home with indie playlists that he knew i'd adore. i had my first alcoholic drinks with him and when mom found out, she couldn't ground me from him because we were just always around each other. and, he nearly drowned me with laughter on too many occasions to count, in pools, beaches, and rivers all over central florida. life-threatening laughter is the best kind, isn't it?

so naturally, i try to find my way toward him whenever i can. just recently, i realized that i've spent at least a part of every single spring break of my college years with steven. i absolutely adore unintentional routines. i hope this one becomes somewhat of a tradition :)


spring break 2009

this spring break, i got a new car. but, beach cruisers were the favored form of transportation. he liked weaving in between tanning people and i liked chasing little seagulls. 


spring break 2010

for part of this break, i went to see steven in lake helen. at 10 pm one night, we felt compelled to pack the car and drive to miami right that moment. for no other reason than to swim in water so clear that we could see our feet, even when we were neck-deep. we parked on the coast and slept in his car until the sun rose. we spent the day people-watching and sleeping on the beach. we had a late lunch and free mimosas at a cafe as the sun sank below the buildings.

p.s. i was underage at the time, so those mimosa's were extra tasty.


spring break 2011

this spring, i got in a cab before the sun rose and didn't tell a soul where i was going. i called steven from Charlotte and asked him to pick me up from the Denver airport in a few hours. we went to thrift shops and played dress up in art museums. we made cocktails and watched french indie films. we went to a st. patrick's day parade and started drinking green beer at 10 am (that mile high altitude surely got the best of me). we weaved through green rocky mountains to casinos and saw pastures of buffalo.


spring break 2012

it was a short stay, but it was just what i needed. we spent hours walking around 16th street, crossed the bridge over the river past the train station, and ate at the market on larimer. i spent a day getting inspired. we talked about photography and web design. we drank red wine and watched melancholia, which prompted interesting intellectual conversation.

i'll never have another proper spring break (i haven't decided whether i should be mournful or ecstatic about this fact), but i'm hoping steven and i can find our way toward each other every mid-march or so. it just wouldn't feel natural without him.