tell me something real, tell me something true.

if it weren't so pretty outside lately, i would try to hide in my room for as long as i could get away with. the amount of things plaguing my mind recently is absurd. the 6 classes, 3 days of work a week, projects, and workout routine that i am juggling is just about to topple and knock me to the ground. i have three papers, a project, and a discussion post all due tomorrow. just tomorrow. i can't even start on the hundred other things weighing down my to-do list.
and that's the problem. the weight of all these things i'm juggling is preventing me from mentally being able to stop and focus on just one. i blame my popcorn brain - my shortening attention span that's developed thanks to the thirty tabs on my browser, all blinking with ads. i have to keep reminding myself that i'm almost done. graduation is quickly approaching. sigh.

i keep running around, trying to find the ground,
but my head is in the stars and my feet are in the sky.
well i'm nobody's baby, i'm everybody's girl.
i'm the queen of nothing. i'm the king of the world.

i don't think a song exists that i relate to more closely than this one.
i've had it on repeat because it brings my spirits up when i'm stressed.
plus these black and white movie clips are fabulous.