it's times like these that...

i'm really grateful for my mother.

i call my mom anywhere between 3 and 9 times a day. that's no exaggeration
i call her when i'm drinking my morning tea. 
i call her when i need quick advice. 
sometimes i call her when i'm driving or walking between classes. 
and i call her every time i'm grocery shopping.

my mom and i (like many mother/daughters, i'm sure) didn't always have a perfect relationship, but throughout college, she has been my rock. through school stress and job exhaustion and financial issues and the drifting of friends and break ups, my mom has been the one consistency that always supports me. but even more than a familial foundation, she's always been a comrade that i can fully confide in and relate to. 
i don't just call my mom to find out which aisle to find tuna in (though i've done that before). i call her because i can be myself with her. i call her when i need her carefree spirit to alleviate my stress by putting things into perspective with a simple, yet sincere, "who cares."

thanks mom, for really putting things into perspective for me these past couple days.