makin' moves... and movies.

my college days are dwindling down! only 11 more days of lectures and papers! wahoooo

the final project for media techniques is a short film encompassing the many shots and well... media techniques that we've learned this semester. last saturday, Amber and i spent the afternoon working on her project, and tomorrow morning we'll work on my little film. Amber's turned out to be hilarious, partly thanks to her plot and partly due to my horrendous acting. really, her dog Luna was a better actress than i was.
i'll post her finished product soon. here are a couple screen shots from the video.

last night, amber and i pre-screened the film with about 6 people on the phone and in person, to see what they thought, and if we should add anything. luckily, everyone found it as hilarious as we do, but we've decided to add one final scene. i'm so excited/embarrassed/anxious for my class to see!