on deleting facebook

i deleted deactivated my facebook account on april fools (the same day i quit my job). and also, not as a joke, but because i needed a break from reality. i intended on keeping off of it for a month.
firstly, it's absurd that a month sounds like a century to facebook users. that idea alone is enough reason to quit the social media drug for a while. but the real reason was school work. my final month of school.

well, this was my first time deactivating my account. and the process was a bit disturbing.
facebook can be quite manipulative when you break up with it...

i thought, maybe if friends actually miss me, they'll call instead of quietly stalking me via the interweb. and sure enough, they called. a few friends i hadn't spoken with in a while. what a blessing that facebook breakup was! i heard their voices! on the telephone! i went outside, in the sunshine! i didn't refresh a news feed every five minutes of the day! i felt alive again!

unfortunately, the bliss didn't last too long.
i was assigned a group project... and of course, my group made a facebook page to discuss the contents of it. they complained about being unable to find me on facebook as if it were some sort of glitch in the matrix. when i asked if they could e-mail me instead, they gave a look that had me reactivating as soon as i got home.

and what's worse? reactivating is the same as signing in...
deactivating requires deciphering the code of hammurabi.
reactivating simply requires your e-mail.
and then you're back like nothing happened.

i think these pictures from this article on college humor do a perfect job of summarizing the situation here...