sunday confessions

i've never done this before, but i could always use another excuse to ignore my school work, right?
so i'm linking up with Alyx from everyday is a new adventure, for some sunday confessions.

1. i haven't completed a single paper all weekend. i've done little bits of different papers simultaneously, but that's really not an effective method, is it? i've also done a multitude of other things like, watch the great dictator, plan for bonnaroo, and play dress up at 1:30 am, with red lipstick and everything.
if you haven't seen the great dictator, you should at least watch this because it's brilliant:

2. i just went on a walk around the neighborhood with Luna and met the most adorable little old lady. she was wearing a fancy black robe, had a German accent, and seemed a bit hard of hearing because she kept calling me Sophie. i didn't correct her, because i liked the sound of it.
3. the one other time i left the house this weekend, i was bad and accidentally bought a denim shirt from a thrift shop. i'm a little ashamed. but not a lot.
3. thursday night, i stayed up until 5 am because of a frisky spider. truthfully, i'm not one to let a little spider bother me. growing up, i was always the one to kill the spiders that my big brother and his "macho" friends would run screaming from. but while i was sitting on my bed typing away in the dark, a spider the size of my hand was suddenly perched right next to me, like a puppy waiting to be cuddled. after i killed it, i couldn't go to sleep because i kept imagining his angry family members crawling all over my bed for revenge :(
4. after watching every single episode of the documentary long way round and long way down, i've grown a bit of an obsession for ewan mcgregor. what's not to love about a witty Scottish man with a beard on a motorbike? and now i want to get my motorcycle's license more than ever before.
5. as usual, i've been carrying my pretty orchid plant with me around the house, so that it's always by my side. and twice last week, i also shared little sips of my water with it, because i thought it might be thirsty. it turns out, orchid plants should only be watered once every 6-11 days... oops! sorry, little orchid baby. please, please, keep blooming!

i understand these aren't terribly exciting confessions, but it is finals week after all, and i've been confined to the quiet surroundings of my home, so i must be forgiven.