home is wherever i'm with momma

yesterday afternoon, right after i wrote this post, i heard the sound of a diesel engine in my driveway. my puppy senses began tingling and i got up to look out the window. with one look, i started screaming with joy and feeling major heart palpitations... it was my momma. my dear momma :)
she surprised me. i don't think i've ever been so sincerely surprised! i ran out and hugged her tightly as i squealed about how happy i was to see her. i had been feeling homesick for family ever since i decided not to walk for graduation. 
earlier in the day, i was even considering hopping on a plane to ohio to see her. good thing we weren't spontaneous birdies at the same time. there have been times that i've called her to say oh hey, i'm in charlotte. can you pick me up from the Akron airport in an hour or so? we may not look alike, but i am truly my mother's daughter.
well now she's here and my heart feels whole.

last night, after dinner, i took her on a walk around my pretty campus. the sun was beginning to set, the moon was rising, and the air was at that perfect temperature--you know, the one that sort of feels like warm water on your limbs when you twirl in it. it's one of my favorite feelings of all time.
we walked from the stadium to landis green, holding hands. we played in fountains with statues and talked for a while under the stars, about happiness, traveling, and philosophy.
*mom found her fountain twin!