i jinxed it.

yesterday, after gloating about how unusually sunny ohio was, we had a very gray day. storms crawled all over the area, and then it got much colder than any end of may should be. says the shivering floridian*.

it's a good thing we're really good at amusing ourselves indoors. after nights sharing bottles of wine, we wake up just shy of noon. then the french presses are filled -- one with coffee and one with chai tea. one morning i had my breakfast in front of the fireplace, but usually we sit on the couch by the window with the pendleton. and then we talk. and today our talk lasted for hours. and i feel a little bit wiser and more certain of my path because of it. we're both enduring grand transitional periods so there's lots of pondering and contemplating to be done. and perhaps to rest our churning brains from late afternoon to evening, we've been watching oh so many movies. some really classic ones, like thisthis, and this. and some not so classic ones like this and this (don't judge us). i have to say though, this one was a pleasant surprise. i recommend it to anyone dreaming of mr. darcy. ;)