now that i'm an alumni...

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now that i'm free from the pressures of reading not-so-entralling material, i get to read more of what i'm really interested in! here are some of the books that i started while i was in college and had to abandon for class readings. you bet i'm working on finishing them now! ;)
right now i'm reading Hunter S. Thompson's The Proud Highway which is a "deliriously entertaining" collection of correspondence that Hunter wrote from 1955-1967. the letters begin right after he graduates high school, continue through his stint in the Air Force, pick up speed when he moves to NYC, and get extra interesting once he reaches Puerto Rico. in the letters i'm currently reading, he's just left Bermuda and is back in NYC, trying to write a book.
i always always love reading Hunter's writing, but this collection seems to resonate with me more than anything else he wrote. it showcases his struggle to obtain his own version of success as he battles against the forces of the illusive "American dream".
it would be an understatement to say that i'm already wholly inspired to plunge headlong into the world.