now that i'm a graduate...

i vow to:
wake up earlier. no more staying up until 4 am, wrestling with creativity. learn to be a morning bird.
spend a lot more time outside & in the sun. my body/soul has been craving vitamin d.
conquer the embarrassing mountain of dirty laundry in the corner of my room.
finish the many books i started and eventually neglected for my required readings.
write every other day. in other words, more than i did in college. ;)
run. everyday. it feels good, don't you remember stefanie?
get a summer job (or two, or three) to help fund my upcoming travel plans.
MAP OUT upcoming travel plans. so far i only have contact info for Lithuania. time to sign up for France, Italy, and Greece!

what i wish i could do instead:
visit my dad in Las Vegas
visit my mom in Ohio
visit peter in Seattle
visit justin in Hawaii
visit friends in the Keys
visit good music at Bonnaroo
visit waterfalls in Costa Rica
visit deland to go skydiving
visit anywhere but Tallahassee, Florida.

it's extremely, brutally, painfully hard for me to stay in one place, now that i have absolutely nothing rooting me here (besides a couple more rent payments and an obligation to save money until take off time). i'm not in school anymore and i've not yet looked for a summer job, so my instinct is to just fly far far away. it's so easy for me to jump on a plane to anywhere, USA for free.
but, alas, i feel a need to be responsible and save money. might as well, while we have this house rented for a couple more months. that also gives me time to get into traveling shape.
and perhaps i just need one last florida summer before i flee the country for who-knows-how-long.
now that i think of it, a summer of beach trips, pool days, floating down bear paw river with friends, and late nights out on the town... doesn't sound too bad. maybe i can be patient and stick around for a little while.