on being restless and loving it.

dear little readers and friends, i lied to you and to myself in this post when i said that i would be good and stay put. i knew as soon as my fingers reluctantly typed that promise that it would soon be broken.

because honestly, i don't have that much self-control.

friday night, mom and i went to dinner at Barnacle Bills in Tallahassee. we had oysters and beer under a clear sky as a live band played this and this. when a breeze came, we closed our eyes and imagined that the sounds of cars passing by on monroe st were actually waves crashing on daytona beach.

it was the medicine my mind needed and encouragement for my feet to flee.

saturday, we left Tallahassee. mom dropped me off in Gainesville on her way to Deland so that i could congratulate peter on graduating from the University of Florida :) i'm very proud of my smart boy.

saturday was also cinco de mayo, so we celebrated that too by stopping in to see his friends and embarking on a short visit to midtown. it was too crowded for our liking so we walked around and pretended to be flags instead.

peter intended on staying in gainesville for a few days after graduation to finish up research he was doing with a professor. but it's mighty hard to get motivated to do that sort of thing right away once you've already walked across a stage in a cap and gown.

so peter and i accidentally played a lot instead. we cuddled and cooked. we went on walks around his neighborhood wearing lazy clothes (because we won't be able to get away with that much longer now that we're supposed to be grown ups). we trespassed on construction sites and pretended to have jobs. 

by monday, we gave up on pretending to be responsible and decided to go revel in Deland. i finished off the pino grigio as i helped pack up his apartment. we drove south to our hometown through pretty roads and moody skies. 

on tuesday, mom, peter, and i went to blue springs twice. for non-florida natives, it's a natural state park where you can swim in 72 degree water up to a spring, and then let the current drift you down the river amongst the wildlife. we saw cardinals, fish, turkeys, and armadillos. sometimes if we're lucky, we see otters and manattees. sometimes if we're unlucky, we see snakes and alligators.

the second time we went that day, the spring was entirely empty. it was a little bit like paradise.

after swimming up an appetite, we stopped for fresh food. we went back to peter's house, where we feasted on lobster tail, shrimp, asparagus, and red wine. 

after dinner, more friends joined. we shared a night of wine, watermelon, and drunken trivia.

wednesday morning, mom and i went to Deleon springs because it was the two year anniversary of toney's passing. we can't believe it's been two years. and we can't imagine a better place for his remains to be spread than the fountain of youth. because Old Indians Never Die. and because we imagine that he's been taken to the Atlantic and beyond by now.

on thursday morning, i picked goodbye flowers for peter (left) and my mom (right).

"look what i brought you. there's a little snail living on it." -S

"you're a little snail." -P (half-asleep)

thursday afternoon, i spent 8 hours on planes and flew over a quilt of mismatched land diagonally across the entirety of America. and now, i'm in Las Vegas with the rest of the hurtados. :)

because i'm a wildflower.