the one where i fall asleep outside, talk to band guys, and watch lightning with a bottle of wine

i had a truly lovely and serene stay with my mom in her home in ohio last week.

we had our breakfast on this couch every morning, enjoying the natural entertainment of the neighbors--namely the human, the winged and the fluffy-tailed ones.

we spent a lot of our time in this room reading books, watching movies, selling motorcycle parts, napping, eating, and drinking red wine. note: that sure is an antique motorcycle next to the couch, like a piece of furniture. because it's too perfect to be outside.

the sun was shining and flowers were blooming for the majority of my stay. so when we drove around, the windows were always down and the music was always loud.

one afternoon, after stumbling upon a quant bookstore downtown, we bought a couple of classics. we laid a blanket in the backyard, intending to read them. but the soft breeze put us both to sleep.

one evening we went out to see about a band.

a local group named Hey Monea is beginning to make it big. they recently won a contest to open for Bruce Springsteen in London. so we decided to seek them out at a small pub and experience them in all of their hometown glory (in case it's another Black Keys scenario). there were crowds of families and friends, all there to support them and wish them well. 

by the end of the set, the crowds had cleared and the musicians had become thoroughly intoxicated. note: barefoot, sunglasses, playing two instruments at once. and we were so glad we stayed to watch it all unfold. because what's more entertaining than enjoying good musicians in a small venue? watching good musicians drink with friends and drunkenly collaborate on stage, garage-style. we had a couple fun conversations with them once they were done and we wish them the best of luck. 

and one night (the best night), at about 10 pm, the sky lit up with lightning in the distance. so naturally we grabbed a blanket and a bottle of wine, sprawled out in the front yard, and watched the show. 

it was a week spent studying the species of spaces and the little moments they create. appreciating the beauty of everyday. not feeling guilty for wasting the day away doing nothing productive, because we know something big is about to hit us. and when you feel that coming, it's important to enjoy life when it's slow and rest up for the coming whirlwind.

when my mom dropped me off at the airport she held me by the shoulders, looked me in the eyes and said, "this is the first day of the rest of your life."