rewind wednesday

because i miss him and because i was just recently in vegas:

these are pictures from a week peter and I spent in Vegas back in June 2008. we had just graduated high school, so basically we were babies in Hollister/Abercrombie clothes. it was so fun finally getting to show my lover where i came from, especially because he had never been to the west coast. we skipped around the strip and acted like tourists. we went to red rock (just outside the city) and played in caves. we pretended our shadows could fly like in peter pan. and peter's shadow may have pretended to kick mine. in the face. we visited the hoover dam and straddled the line between nevada and arizona. we kissed a LOT because we were young puppies and oh so in love.

looking back at these pictures makes me appreciate how long and how deeply i've loved this boy. 

i can't wait to run away with him and create so many more memories.