spotlight on a redeye to charlotte

I hopped a red-eye to Charlotte last night, because it was my best chance of getting out of Vegas alive. In truth, the morning flights had a fair amount of openings, but I was appetizing a wide open flight and a departing view of the strip all lit up at night. 

Throughout my four hour ride in a big winged tube hurling through the darkness of America, I sat -- the only passenger on the plane with a fluorescent spotlight -- studying Hunter S. Thompson's The Proud Highway. A little woman sat right next to me and every once in a while, in between typing out admirable phrases into a word document, I wondered why in the world that woman preferred to sit directly next to me with her hand over her eyes when there were 40 other open seats on the plane (one of which was directly to the left of her). Had the plane (or even our aisle) been full, I would have turned my light off shortly after take off and sat in pitch black boredom just so she could sleep undisturbed. But, because there were open seats in ours and every other aisle around us, I was apt to assume that she was fond of Hunter S. Thompson and was secretly reading through her fingers over my shoulder. 

Can you tell how my short visit to the sizzling lunacy of Vegas has temporarily made an impression on my otherwise compassionate temperament toward other people? I'm a little ashamed, but that's the reality of it.

Well, after a swift decent over the sleeping city of Charoltte, i'm now under it's comforter of fog and very much content with being far far away from that depleted town called sin city. I may write out my thoughts about that later, but for now, i'd like to say a little on the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, because i venture through it an average of 8 times a year, so it therefore holds a special place in my heart. 

This airport is a hub, a little teeming city where people from all walks of life converge, share glances, and diverge along to their appropriate gates. There's a quick pace to this place that I can't seem to get enough of -- a pace that feels hopeful and eager. It's a pace that reminds me of London.

Right now, just looking at my computer screen at this Starbucks on the corner of concourses, the images in my peripherals closely resemble one of those fast-motion time-lapse clips of people in a big city. 

By the way, this place has SIX Starbucks shops in it. Tallahassee doesn't even have that many. and I always come to the same one. Maybe it's because, like i said in my last post, i'm a flower of habit. Maybe it's the cinematic-like view of traffic passing. Or maybe it's because these baristas spelled my name right on the cup, twice. Doesn't that somehow make the coffee taste a bit richer? It always makes my day.

Well, my energy is waning, so that description didn't do a bit of justice to my fascination with this airport. Time to go buy a venti coffee and people watch for a while. One day, when i have someone to babysit my luggage, i'd like to take a whole slew of pictures to help characterize it better. Until then, this will have to do.