saturday, the tennessee sun was brutal on bonnaroo and the wind sent sand swirling all over the campsite. the cars got covered in thick layers of dirt which some people (who apparently fancy themselves as artists) found to be an inspiring place to draw and write funny things. reading the windshields became our in-transit entertainment.

but amber and i were exhausted from the day before, so we spent a good portion of the morning hanging out with camp neighbors and sharing their shade. note to self for next year: shade tents are life savers! 

eventually we went into Centeroo and napped in between concerts beneath a big beautiful tree, surrounded by about a hundred tired strangers. as sedentary as it may seem, laying in the grass amongst a bunch of happy, music-loving people while good tunes drifted in from all directions... it was one of my favorite moments.

after some people-watching during Santigold's set, amber and i went back to camp for another installment of bonnaroof. we could hear Childish Gambino from the roof as we drank vodka redbulls and enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets i've ever seen.

after the sunset, we met up with our friends again, tagged along with some new ones, and spent the night jamming out to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Skrillex. Saturday was one for the books.

favorite musical moments of the day: