desperate times call for creative meals

last week when i was home in tallahassee without a job and with hardly any food in the house, i resorted to rationing and scrounging (and a little bit of starving), rather than spending money.

i knew i'd be leaving soon and refused to see my already short cash pile get even shorter, so i rationed my remaining food to last until i left. by the end of the week, i basically only had eggs and a few random veggies. and i already exhausted nearly every way of cooking eggs, so to avoid egg boredom, i was forced to get creative.

i ended up concocting one of the best meals i've ever cooked. okay i haven't cooked very many meals, but it was really damn delicious.

it's a pizza/quiche!

i started by putting a wheat tortilla in a round baking pan, with the edges curled up so the content wouldn't fall out.

then i mixed 3 eggs with a bit of milk and poured them on top of the tortilla. 

then i added spinach, chopped up eggplant, and american cheese.

then i baked it at 350 for about 45 minutes and voila! delicious!

p.s. i ate all of it in one sitting.
p.p.s. why is eggplant not on every pizza that's ever made? so surprisingly good.
p.p.p.s peter wants you all to know that he gave me the idea to use the tortilla instead of pie crust.