happy impromptu theme park hopping day

lately i've been a bit stir crazy. although i've been enjoying my time with peter this past week, we haven't done very much of anything. well, there's been lots of reading and watching and planning and researching online things.

and although those are mostly technology driven tasks, doing them all day makes me feel like i'm in a Jane Austen novel, where very pedantic, sedentary characters spend their days reading, awkwardly glancing at each other and looking longingly out the window every once in a while.

the only difference is that Jane's fictional characters had enough money that they need not bother doing anything else. i, however, am on such a tight budget that i currently can't afford to do anything else. it's a don't-you-dare-spend-a-damn-dime-budget. because all that i have saved up is everything i'll need to make the big move away from florida soon.

so i've been realizing how few activities there are that don't cost any money... today we were so bored of netflix and books that we had a shooting competition in the back yard with a mushroom and a pellet gun. peter won't admit it, but i sort of won. :)

and THEN my dear brother ryan reminded me that he works at Disney and can get me in for free...

so i'll be spending this lovely saturday park hopping with my big brother. what a perfect early birthday present! :)

i hope you're all having a happy weekend! get outside and do something fun... even if it's at the expense of a poor mushroom.