steal away, you and me, to a cave made of sheets

dear peter,
thanks for fulfilling my childish request and building a fort for us to sleep in. i'm keeping it up!
thanks for driving me all the way to tallahassee, just to spend more time with me.
thanks for stimulating my brain with awesome intellectual talks on philosophy and sustainability and creativity.
thanks for almost always giving me the love bite. especially when it's ice cream.
thanks for constantly picking me up and throwing me over your shoulder. i love that.
thanks for finally getting me to love red wine. i think i'm growing up!
thanks for playing draw something against me while we're sitting right next to each other. and for delivering my phone to me like a cute little boy, every time it's my turn.
no thanks for making luna love you more than me now. i'm hoping it's just a phase.
thanks for loving that i cry sometimes during movies and other little things. and for hugging me when it's over something sad... and laughing at me when it's over something silly.
thanks for pushing me on the swing every time you're here.
thanks for laying in bed with me, youtubing funny videos, and then randomly typing in the youtube search "stefanie is pretty". i think you're really cute.

dear peter, time goes by too fast when i'm with you. i miss you already and i lerve you.