sunday confessions

i'm linking up with alyx for some sunday confessions!

1. i sleep with a night light. i'm sort of terrified of the dark and have a hard time sleeping if there isn't a little light somewhere in the room. this week, a storm killed my night light. but instead of acting like a grown up and facing my fears, i had my mac next to me playing bon iver. and every time the screen went black, i touched the mouse pad to light it up again... this went on for about an hour. pitiful, i know.
...and it's not like i was alone. peter and luna were both sleeping nearby.
2. i'm getting so desperate for traveling/moving money, that lately i've been wondering why i quit the pub where i made enough in 2 days to cover rent for a whole month. and then i remember all of this.
3. anytime i like something, i make sure to play/eat/do/watch it more than any normal person ever should. my latest obsession is this video. i secretly wish i was either one of these girls because they're way cooler than i was at that age (am now?).

4. never have i ever read the great gatsby. and i have a bachelor's degree in english. blasphemous, isn't it? well every teacher/professor i had avoided it because they assumed everyone else had already assigned it. but don't worry, i'm finally getting to it.
5. there's something big developing in my life right now. and it's different than what i anticipated but sort of SO much better. it involves moving to a really beautiful place (not on this continent). but i don't want to get ahead of myself and spread the news until it's concrete. because i often get my hopes too high. so that's all i'll say for now :)