free beer and boulder

on the third day of our Colorado trip, steven, peter, and i drove to the mountains.

first, we went to Golden to take a tour of the Coors brewery. 

when we learned there was a 2 hour wait for the tour, we skipped it and went straight for the free samples (the brewery generously offers 3 free beers to each thirsty visitor), since we were VERY thirsty for that fresh Golden beer. ;)

we'll go back and see how it's made, one day.

with tummies full of free beer, we went on to Boulder, which is the most charming little city just outside of Denver. i've been a couple times before with my family and i just continue to fall more in love every time. while we were there, we went to Chautauqua National Park, played in Boulder Creek, and had lunch in downtown Boulder. 

it was my favorite day of the trip :)