park hoppers

saturday, my brother gave me and his friend kyle freeee disney park hopping passes.

we did a lot of hopping.

i had such a blast acting like a child all day! especially because i never really went to any of the disney parks when i was little. so thanks brother, for sharing your work benefits :) it was the best early birthday present, ever!

we went to the Animal Kingdom where we waved to animals on a surfari, made friends with babies, screamed like little girls (all of us) in the bugs life show, and rode a roller coaster in the himalayas.

then we went to the MGM Studios where we took pictures on sets, watched a stunt car show, saw beauty and the beast, and rode the tower of terror twice because it was THAT good.

we ended the day at Epcot, walking through the different countries as the sun set. we had dinner in Italy with real Italian ingredients and real Italian waiters and a realllly expensive pizza. and then we watched the best firework show i've ever seen. i might've teared up a little.

i guess disney is a little magical.