garden of the gods

Our third day in Colorado, Peter and I rode down to Pueblo with our friend Alexis, to meet up with Peter's best friend Sam. Alexis has been in Denver for the summer with an internship while Sam had just arrived in Colorado after having biked all the way from Virginia... on a bicycle.

Sam has been biking with an organization called Bike the US for MS, which raises awareness and funds for research for Multiple Sclerosis. We met up with Sam in Pueblo about two thirds of his way into the trip. The riders started with their toes in the Atlantic Ocean of Virginia and will finish with their toes in the Pacific Ocean of San Francisco, a total of 3,785 miles.

Suffice it to say, we were honored to be in Sam's presence that day, and grateful to meet many of the other people who have so bravely embarked on this experience for such a wonderful cause.

And because Sam had a day off when we visited, we went out and explored an area outside of Colorado Springs called Garden of the Gods. It's a natural park with these magnificent red rock structures that truly make you feel humble and small.

kissing camels :)

holding a little man as he hikes