when i first saw the olympic site

it looked like this:

when i studied in London in the fall of 2010, we toured the olympic site and saw building plans. with dirt mounds and construction vehicles everywhere, it was hard to fathom those grounds eventually becoming what we now see on tv.

for example, have you seen that big crazy red structure yet? yeah, that was just a picture on the blueprint wall in 2010. and i thought no wayyy is that thing going to be standing right here in two years (or at all... it looks like it'd be unstable and terrifying)...

 but, it's there and it's awesome.

in fact, much of that far east end of London has been improved over the past couple years. thanks to the olympics, there will be 130,000 square meters of new work space in the media center after the games, 1,000s of new homes and jobs for Londoners, 110 hectares of new open space created, and 8 km of waterways renewed.

it warms my heart to know that the city that i love so dearly--the city that has brought the world together in the spirit of the games--will benefit from the platform which facilitated this wonderful tradition.

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