keep it wild!*

our second day in Canada was sadly our last. i easily could've stayed for a week. or maybe even longer, in a little apartment in Nelson. i could hardly imagine a prettier place to watch the seasons change.

when we left Ainsworth Hot Springs, we drove up the road to Kaslo where we had lobster bisque in the cutest corner cafe, bought tattered books in a narrow shop, and people-watched on the beach with the most beautiful view. i desperately wanted to swim in the clean, icy cold water, but by the time i mustered up the courage, the sun was high and warm, and too many people crowded our spot for it to be enjoyable anymore. so we moved on to find a place less traveled.

we went on a spontaneous drive, which happened to be the most stunning of my life (or at least comparable to our drive through the french alps). i don't think i'd ever seen so many beautiful elements all in one place -- green trees, mountains, blue streams, wildflowers, grazing deer, waterfalls, snowy peaks... i was in heaven. and i didn't think it could get any better.

until we got to the tiny town of Silverton and found a quiet little beach. there were much less people and it was so much more peaceful. there was no town or big road behind us, just mountains all around. the water seemed bluer and clearer and just a little bit colder. 

standing on that dock surround by that view--that gorgeous, postcard view--was one of my favorite moments of the summer, and maybe even of my life. i was incandescently happy.