my best friend and i are moving to the virgin islands.

we decided on moving to the USVI much earlier in the summer, but i didn't want to get my hopes up and tell too many people until i knew for sure (i know, i couldn't help myself and told a lot of you individually).

well, now it's official.

amber and i just got back from a twelve day trip to St. Thomas. while we were there, we FELL IN LOVE with the island, secured at least one job each, and made some pretty great friends. we cannot wait to get back there and start living deliberately.

our general plan (i say general because i don't care for planning very much) is to live in the Virgin Islands from October to late April, work in restaurants//on the beach during the high tourist season, and save as much money as possible to go toward our European backpacking trip, which will hopefully begin by late spring.

when i told people of this plan in person, i received some pretty mixed reactions. most friends have been encouraging and seem to think it's as exciting as i do. but some people--usually those of older generations--look at me like i'm on fire. at first, the pursed lips and eyebrow creases offended me a little, and even intimidated me. as if they could ascertain it would end up a disaster. but now that i've gone and seen all sides of island life myself, all nay-sayers can be silent. there's not a doubt in my mind it's where i want to be. temporarily, at least ;)

you see, i have no interest in starting a career or working in an office or attending graduate school--not any time soon. because all of those things would merely be a roundabout way of getting me where i've chosen to go directly. i want to travel the world and experience a variety of character, and i refuse to wait any longer, trotting along the very narrow path that society paved for me.

if i'm going to work hard to live, it's going to be in a beautiful place that makes me happy. and guys... the island is  b r e a t h t a k i n g . the locals are friendly beyond belief. the rum is dirt cheap. and from what we've gathered, the money is pretty damn decent. the better to see more square feet of this pretty little earth with ;)

St Thomas is just the first step of the life-long journey--the journey to live deliberately.

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