a little bit of paradise

well i guess i should get to sharing my pictures from st thomas already, although it feels kind of cruel as states as south as florida are starting to feel the chill of fall. but i suppose i'll be posting beach pictures even in december, so here it goes//all in one fell swoop.

a very picturesque glimpse into our wild little trip.

not pictured:

  • riding the open safaris (cheap public transportation) around the island
  • the crazy group of frat boys from delaware that we made friends with
  • the absurdly low prices of rum at the supermarket
  • the many, many bartenders we pestered for advice
  • hauling all our luggage over a mile uphill to the airport--twice
  • hitchhiking with strangers and finding a machete under the floor mat
  • checking into the same hotel 3 different times
  • walking up the steep hill of the marriott, half-drunk at 6 am
  • the hilarious bell boy who practically saved our lives
  • sharing a deflated air mattress with amber in a room with 4 other people
  • (okay i do have pictures of ^ and i may show them laterr.)
  • our little hurricane party which included skinny dipping in the crazy ocean
  • how ecstatic we were when we got our first job offer in a yacht harbor!