copper // and other colors of fall

dear reader, 

meet copper.

he's here in ohio with his daddy (aka my big brother) for the week! they arrived saturday morning after a long drive from orlando, and i'll let you guess which of the two i was most excited to greet...

ha! only kidding. i couldn't wait to see ryan, although it feels like i was just in florida celebrating his 24th at his surprise party. i doubt there are many little sisters that get tired of their big brudder. and mine's a particularly good one. the day he arrived, he did sweet brotherly things like check the air in my tires and go on a run with me and give me all sorts of advice.

and copper has been in back yard heaven. there is space galore, with no boundaries and all the chipmunks he could ever hope to chase.

better still, the day they got here, a cold front passed through ohio so it's been chilly and things have been changing ever since.

the cotton sheets were exchanged for fleece. fire wood was cut and set aflame. the tips of trees have begun to turn pink. and a fat pumpkin came home, ready to be carved. fall is surely here.

i feel so fortunate to experience the perfect amount of cold weather and fall goodies before embarking onmy journey. any more than a month of this cold, and it might not seem so sweet and refreshing. everything in moderation--especially freezing temperatures*!

*said the shivering floridian. :)