...of accidentally getting excited about an apartment in st thomas that i thought was $750 a month, when it was actually $750 a week...
...of buying a pretty pleated skirt (on sale) when i should be saving for ridiculous island bills.
...of eating an entire pumpkin pie by myself... as if to make up for all the pumpkin pie i'll be missing out on while i live on the island? :(
...of listening to this song about 300 times.
...of watching the squirrels scurrying about the yard and secretly wishing i could shrink to their size and collect acorns with them... i thought it looked fun?
...of dragging out the last bit of a book i've been reading all summer, because i don't want it to ever end.
...of selling a mini diana camera on ebay that i won from urban outfitters for freeee.
...of driving around with an expired driver's license because i didn't see a point in renewing it in a state i was moving out of... woopsy.