hold on, sweet summer

this week marked the end of one of the best summers of my life.

i flew back to ohio tuesday and have begun settling my affairs before the big move. but before i start sending resumes to operational managers and making appointments, i'd like to reflect on the brilliant moments i experienced during those hot days between may and august...

: : :

right after i graduated college, i spent a little time playing in florida. we swam in blue springs, spent time with old friends and drank bottles of red wine.

i took a trip to vegas to spend time with my family. i saw a beatles show with my dad and took my niece on adventures away from the city lights.

i went to ohio, where i climbed trees, ran through a field of flags, made friends with guys in a rock band, and watched lightning on the lawn with a bottle of wine.

in june, i slept in a tent in my room. and then in one at bonnaroo. in a field in tennessee, i watched a round, orange moon rise while radiohead played live, and chinese lanterns floated higher and higher until they became stars.

i spent some more time in florida, where i weathered some storms and park-hopped all over disney.

in july, i celebrated turning 22 in colorado. i slid down a mountain, partied on rooftops, drank free beer, and played on top of red rocks.

later, i moved my things out of my college home and drove them 18 hours to ohio.

i helped my mom sell motorcycle parts and we rejoiced in the rain.

i flipped over the handlebars of a bike, flew to tallahassee again and obsessed over the olympics.

i spent a week in idaho and canada. we played in hollow cedars, swam in hot springs, dove in cold lakes, and saw the counting crows play mr. jones liiive.

i spent 12 days exploring st thomas. i laid on the prettiest beaches, paddle boarded with sea turtles, made awesome new friends, and hosted a hurricane party. and then i announced that we're moving to the virgin islands.

i flew to puerto rico and then to florida, just in time to watch two great friends get married. i also went skydiving for my third time and helped my big brother celebrate his birthday with a surprise party.

: : :

this summer was sublime.

and although i'm in ohio now, busy doing the boring things it takes to get my life ready to move, my summer will not really end. because three weeks from now, when i'm back on the island again, the leaves around me will not change. though the air won't be quite as hot and humid as it was in august, i won't wear scarves or gloves or boots, well into what should be winter. and for the first time in 17 years, a fall semester will never start. it'll be an endless summer in the caribbean. i cannot wait.