...so many times, i must admit you kind of bore me

i know i'm way behind on the ray lamontagne bandwagon--because i've heard the name a lot and neglected looking into it--but yesterday when i was jogging, this song came on pandora radio and stopped me in my tracks. his voice + these lyrics... my heart turned to mush. so, so beautiful to run to this song, uphill toward a pink sunset.

i've been in ohio for a little less than two weeks now. there's been lots of sunset jogging, tree climbing, and cooking. i've been slowly teaching myself how to use photoshop and my new gopro. but mostly, i've been working on getting ready for my move --> ordering glasses & contacts, going to doctor appointments, registering to vote, and setting up my gruesome student loan payments. annnd selling some belongings on ebay because financially, i'm a bit empty.